Our company was established in 1996 and our factory is based in Krugersdorp in premises that we own. Our group of companies employs approximately 256 employees and occupies 9000sq.m of covered factory space. We currently employ more than sixty people in our trolley factory alone, of which 92% have been with us since we opened.

Until recently we were exporting approximately 1000 trolleys to the USA each month and also exported some of our products to Australia as well as various African states. Due to that export program, quality on all our products improved dramatically.

Our factory and our products have been approved by all of the major retailers in South Africa and are manufactured to their specifications at all times. Below please find a list of some of the larger groups that we presently deal with.

Trade Centre Hypermarkets
Pick ‘n Pay
Trade Centre
Boxer Supermarkets
Friendly IGA
Waltons Stationery
OK Foods
Shield Group 

Over the past few years we have invested heavily in our company both with machinery as well as by introducing new products and now have a range of more than 80 products suitable for the supermarket and other industries as well as business in general. 

Please browse our products section to see what we manufacture and distribute. 

We use only the finest components that are available and ensure that they have all been tested under the strictest conditions. The plastic tubing that covers the handle is UV treated. Our galvanising is of a very high quality and done by company’s that have the SABS or ISO standard.


We offer a three year guarantee on all our wheels and swivel housings and a twelve month guarantee on all our other products.


We recently built a manificent warehouse which is used both for the assembly of our products as well as to store our stock. These new premises have allowed us to increase our stock holding which in turn allows us to offer a very fast response time to our customers.